About Us


My passion is truly sharing love in the universe.  From as far back as I can remember, I have always been this way.  I have felt so much incredible happiness and intense love in my life.  I have also felt deep pain.
I have felt and witnessed many of the stresses in this world.  Every day, I witness people in their cars or in person, living with such unneeded stress and unhappiness.  This is truly sad.  For we should be able to create a life of happiness and joy.
When my love passed on from cancer he showed me that it is all about LOVE.
And, I make it my goal to share that love with the world.  One way that I do so, is by healing.  The universe introduced me to Reiki and since, I am delighted to have completed Reiki Master level and to be a channel of universal life force energy to help so many.  I have chosen to work with aromatherapy not for the money, but for the many healing properties that it ruly brings forth to others including myself.  Money is a tool, and is of course appreciated to help live our lives and help others in this physical world.  But, it truly does not compare to the true joy that it brings to my heart to be able to share nature's most healing properties with so many around the world.  For everyone that I have had the pleasure of creating a special aromatherapy product for, thank you.  I hope that you truly reap the so many healing benefits that it provides and know that every single product is made with pure loving energy.  
I feel so very blessed to work with nature and life force energy every day.  Most importantly, I feel blessed to be able to share my love with all of you.

Yours truly, 
Cristin Filipuzzi